About Us

Growing technology each day is adding betterment to the human kind. The increasing competitiveness and the busy schedule of an individual, to reach the heights are making people as a busy bee. In this tough scenario where there is no time to stop and look at a particular thing, it would be difficult to spot everything on our go. Long gone are the days where one would stop and help you with the required address, in this fast running world. So to assist you with the address required, we at Wayside Utilities Private Limited have come up with an innovative idea naming it as Wayside Smart Street.

Smart Street is a mobile application which would help one in finding out any address around you. All you have to do is just type the address of requirement in the search option provided in the application which lets you get access with the route map of the designated point. A special amenity is provided in the application where you can find out the biggest shopping mall to the smallest retail outlet, the fancy five star restaurants to the road side fast food point, from the rich supermarket to the small departmental store. We respect the needs of every individual.

The app is easily accessible which has inbuilt categorised classifications like Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Super Markets, Colleges, Schools and what not everything. For example, if a user selects particular category – Restaurants, all those businesses listed under the restaurants category will pop-up. This would be a platform for promotion to all the business outlets. All you have to do is enrol your business with us. But for users who want to enrol their business the app is free only for the initial 3 months post which they are charged Rs.199/- per location (one-time payment).The app is free for those users who want to search locations.

And if at all you’re a busy bee searching for addresses, here’s the one stop solution for you.